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Retaining Walls

Water-soaked soil is the worst enemy of retaining walls because it exerts enormous pressure behind the wall. Adding good drainage behind block or stone walls is crucial for long-lasting, bulge-free walls. Start by laying perforated plastic drainage tubing along the base of the wall slightly above ground level so it can drain to daylight.


A gardener learns to take the long view, and you must, or how could you bear to wait years for your vision to come to *sometimes literal* fruition? For many plants and especially trees, it’s a long wait before they look like the “picture on the box”.

Clean It Up!

You might not want to hear this, but it really is the first and most important thing to do for any yard. Start with the lawn even if you have more weeds than actual grass; mow it and give it a good raking. Spring raking removes thatch and any debris from the fall and winter.

How to Pick an Expert

You are in  the right place!  We have the experience, the dedication, and the drive to bring your project to reality.  On time, on budget, and just the way you envisioned.

What to Plant?

What kind of light do you have? Whether your yard is mostly in the sun or in the shade, you’ll need to plant accordingly. This can be a disappointment for new gardeners, who might have visions of daisies and roses and lilacs dancing in their dreams.

Desert Landscaping

Minimal plantings, xeriscaping, and arid vegetative picks that require very little natural watering once established are commonplace as desert landscaping ideas. Don’t confuse simple with a lack of maintenance, the plants still need care and attention to thrive in a harsh environment.