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Complete Landscape Project in Summerlin

Make your landscaping dream a reality with the Star Landscaping, Inc. Our over 10 years of expertise will turn your plain, boring yard into something truly beautiful and awe inspiring.

Star Landscaping, Inc. offers landscape design & installation services which help our clients get the landscape of their dreams. We will work with you in all facets of the project so that you can be confident that the outcome will be as great, if not better than, you imagined.


It’s quite simple: we are good at what we do. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make your yard/landscape look incredible.

Your budget is important to us

While you may have a beautiful, elaborate design in mind, you may not exactly have the budget to pull it off. Still, we will work within the constraints of your budget, while still ensuring we keep as close to your original design idea as possible. We will work with you every step of the way.

Once we have your budget, we will do an on-site estimate to review the area intended for the design. We will also provide a maintence plan for keeping your new landscape look great after we are done.

Site plans and 3D Design

Before we start the actual landscape building process, we can create a visual layout of the landscape for you to view if that is your preference. Also, if you wish to see the layout in more than just mere 2D, we can provide you with a computer-generated 3D designs that will bring your idea to life and help give a better idea of what the final product will be.

Landscape design & installation

Already know exactly what you want done to your landscape? We can go staight to the design/building phase if that is more to your liking; after all, you know what you want better than us! The idea is to give you, the client, as much freedom in the design as possible. Want to choose the materials? The plants? The colors? Want us to choose instead? It’s all at your discretion.

Once you have approved everything, from materials to design, we begin the transformation of your landscape. We encourage you to stop by while we work, so that we may hear your input and make any changes you see neccessary.

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